As many as one million homes built in the last century are considered to be significantly energy inefficient. The building standards were much different back then. Insulation was not a must, and B.E.R certificates were non-existent. To tackle cold, poorly-insulated and drafty homes people opt-in for a full refurbishment.

Most important and key-issues:

  • Poor or no insulation
  • Old and unsafe electrical wiring
  • Energy-inefficient heating system
  • Old and problem-prone plumbing
  • Single-glazed and drafty windows
  • Non-compliance with current regulations

We specialize in 'Deep Retrofit' of the homes. With valuable experience and great knowledge we carry out works quickly and efficiently and to the best standards and current regulations. We use only registered and insured electrical and gas installers as well as the best and experienced professionals to carry-out works. 

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