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We have been trading as Home Renovation since 2011. Started out as a small renovation firm mainly focusing on handy-jobs and painting we grew bigger steadily. As circle of clients widened aspect of jobs changed and our services broadened. Over the years we gained valuable experience and knowledge that now reflects in our work. We have tried, tested and teamed up with trusted and highly skilled professionals that have same work ethic as us. Having a trusted team of tradesmen together with us makes our projects run smoothly, and without unnecessary delays. We are committed to provide quality workmanship to your project.


Safe at work

 We are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Whatever the project it may be, we put in all 100% effort and attention to Health & Safety. We understand the importance of keeping everyone safe. But no matter how good we are, for and extra piece of mind we are fully insured.


 Recommend clipWork speaks for itself.

We don't pay for expensive advertising because we don't have to. Our work comes from recommendations, and satisfied client will always recommend a good tradesman to a friend. Over the years we grew together with our clients. The younger generation of our long time clients that were children at the time, are now purchasing their own house, and trust us to make it a home. Good word is always appreciated by tradesmen, and good tradesmen are appreciated too.


Trust clip House or A Home?!

We understand how important and valuable a home is. We take best care of it as if it was our own. Always secured, minded and protected.