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Painting & Decorating

For over 30 years we have been providing the industry with one of the best servces available. Even the most picky customers find our work quality. While keeping fast pace we manage to keep your home clean and tidy. Preparation is the key and we always prepare our workplace well. ONLY NOW! Full house painting from €980 all in. up and away in 4 days. limited time only

Flat Roof Solutions

Fiberglass system is cold-liquid applied which cures to a hard stone-like material fast. Its fire resistant and is not affected by heat or sun. Surface is seamless and Ponding water resistance makes it totally waterproof. Not surprising as same materials are used for boat manufacture. Maintenance free, light-weight, very tough and durable. Comes in a variety of colors. Commonly used in making boats, baths, water tanks, cladding, Surfboards, and external door skins. It’s proven to be hard-wearing and long-lasting making it the ultimate solution for your flat roof. Did i mention that you get up to 20 years insurance backed guarantee?


Sliding Wardrobes are an excellent space-saving solution for your home and can add a vibrant modern look and feel to any room. De-clutter your bedroom with customised shelving options and clothing storage accessories. Tie, trouser and shoe racks are an excellent solution for keeping your items neat and accessible. Pull-out trays and box shelving ensure a convenient space for hats, socks and smaller items of clothing.

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